Friday, March 1, 2013

Booking It

I've been working on our new book since December. It is the story of our year long quest to find the 14 species of owls that are seen in Oregon.  Just let me say that our adventures finding what we found were fun, exciting, and satisfying.  You will enjoy the book if you'd like to read about two women wandering around the state seeking certain birds and finding unexpected adventures and memories.

The book is about half finished and we still don't have a title.  I think that's strange.  Bobbie suggests that we consider following the current trend of one word book titles.  But what would the one word be?  There is nothing exciting about Owls as a title.  How about two words?  Owl Outings?  Cute, but it doesn't grab me.  Quest?  No. How about a title that has a colon in it such as Owling:  A Year's Quest in Oregon.  It certainly describes the content but it lacks flash.

You can see that I'm stumped. Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Here's link to a recent photo posted by and exStayton High student of a great horned owl:

    She now lives in Portland and has a great birding website you can get to from her Flikr page...

    Another book! You are a busy retired one aren't you?


  2. I am awful at titles. My thesis advisor told me to read back through the text and find a word / phrase. Sure enough...
    Good luck!

  3. The only thing that came to me was Hooters... Karmin