Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costume

I've been getting ready for Halloween all year.  I decided in January to "go as" a young person for the October holiday.  First thing I did was join Weight Watchers.  I've lost 26 pounds.  Then I decided to keep exercising so I go to my trainer once a week, do cardio at my little gym once a week, get myself down to Curves two or three times a week and try to get in a bike ride or two.  I'm down a size in jeans and my socks aren't so tight anymore.

Next, I went hardcore and scheduled a facial complete with microderm abrasion.  An hour and a half and a cool hundred dollars later, my face felt clean and tingly and had a youthful shine going.  I liked that look but didn't like spending that much money so I made an appointment with a dermatologist.  He looked over every square inch of my old puckered skin for signs of scary things that might indicate the C word.  All is well in that area, but what about the various tag warts and scratchy patches and dark spots here and there and mostly everywhere?  He got out the magic spray can and applied stingy cold spray to many places on my back and several spots on my face.  He said that these spots would blacken up and then drop off altogether in a week or two. The results would approximate the microderm abrasion treatment but would be paid for by insurance.  He even sprayed some bonus spots on my hand just to see if I'd like the results.  He was a friendly, understanding young man and I plan to see him again.

All through the months I have studied what my pre-teen grand girl wears and looked around in the mall at other younger aged people to see what they wear.  There's a pretty even split between looking like you're about to go berry picking, work out, or sell your body on the street.  I opted for a combination of all three and bought myself some pants that look like leggings but were a lot less expensive because I bought them at K-Mart.  Then I got myself some trick Nike running shoes that look like they were dipped in rainbow paint.  They produced enthusiastic comments at my gym but gave me blisters immediately.  Next, I went to Fred Meyer and got some colorful long sleeved, fairly well made t-shirts and hope to keep them free of those tiny stomach holes at least through fall.  So my attire indicates that I may be on my way to the gym but I don't have time or interest in earning any money on the street corner.

Halloween is tomorrow.  I'm ready to appear as a young person in my fake leggings (my stomach does pooch out a little); my horizontally striped t-shirt (my upper arms, I admit, are still flappy), and my owl socks.  I'll skip the Nikes because I'm too afraid that I might get those painful blisters again.  I'll just shuffle to the door to greet the trick-or-treaters in my slippers that are now too big.

I don't look a day over 65.


  1. Terry, you crack me up. Go girl! Your weight loss is awesome. Btw, my mom has joined Curves. She goes almost every morning around 10:00 am and she goes to zumba on Wednesdays. If you meet a petite white-haired lady named Nancy, that's her! People say they can see the resemblance between us.

  2. Oh Terry, I had several moments of laughter while reading your post. My heart is warm and I am smiling!